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COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Academic Achievement Hub staff will be working remotely.

  • If you have questions about Academic Achievement Hub services, please contact
  • Please contact or +1.888.799.9666 extension 2 if you’re experiencing technical difficulties

Our programs support academic integrity for all students. For more information, view the Academic Integrity Office web page.

We are committed to providing access to students with disabilities.  To request assistance or an accommodation, please email or fill out the Google Form.


The Academic Achievement Hub is here to support you from wherever you are! Our services will be offered remotely for Spring 2020 quarter. 

To see all the ways the Teaching + Learning Commons is supporting the campus during the COVID-19 Pandemic, visit The Commons COVID-19 Support page. 

How will I access the AAH academic support program?


All remote Academic Achievement Hub services are held using the Zoom video conferencing software, which is free for all UC San Diego students.

  • To sign in to your UC San Diego Zoom account, go to, click the blue Sign in button, and sign in with your Single Sign-On username and password.
  • Please use the Zoom app for all Academic Achievement Hub services. If this is your first time using Zoom, visit this help page to get set up: Getting Started with Zoom.
To view AAH program schedules:

What if I cannot attend my Supplemental Instruction or Study Group sessions for my course?

AAH will make available session materials (recordings, session plan, etc.) only to students enrolled in that specific course for which the session was intended.

  • It may be up to or more than 24-48 hours for the materials to be uploaded.
  • Please contact the Supplemental Instruction/Study Group Coordinator, Ivy Chen,, if you have questions or are unable to access the materials.

Who do I contact if I am having issues connecting to Zoom?

Please contact or call +1.888.799.9666 extension 2

What can I do if I do not have a device to access the sessions and/or do not have Wi-Fi?

To request a device and/or Wi-Fi, please contact vcsa@ucsd.eduSubmit a proposal to describe your need and they will manage our request.

Who do I contact if my Leader/Tutor/Learning Strategist is not in the room for my session?

Please email:

What can I expect when I enter the remote tutoring session via Zoom?

You will -

  • be asked to sign in with a Teaching + Learning Commons Front Desk Assistant
  • be provided the earliest possible tutor session time that day
  • be assigned to a tutor to work with  

To make the most of your tutoring session: 

  • Please come prepared to ask and answer questions 
  • Work with the tutor on problems similar to those in class
  • Work with the tutor to understand confusing topics

Do you provide one-on-one or group tutoring?

Each tutor works with a small group of students, up to two, in a 25 minute session.

Please contact the Tutor Coordinator, Yvonne Ngo,, if you have special accommodations

Who are the Content Tutors?

Content Tutors are:
  •  UC San Diego undergraduate students who are in good academic standing 
  • who have received an A- or better in the courses they tutor. 
  • In addition, each tutor participates in weekly training throughout the quarter.

Who are SI/Study Group (SG) Leaders?

SI/SG Leaders are:
  •  UC San Diego undergraduate students who are in good academic standing 
  • who have received an B+ or better in the courses they support. 
  • In addition, each SI/SG Leader participates in weekly training throughout the quarter.

Is there in person drop-in content tutoring?

For Spring 2020 there is no in person tutoring

What if I need accommodations during my SI/SG and/or tutoring sessions?

If you are in need of an accommodation for the Spring quarter, reach out to the Office for Students with Disabilities: