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How to Have a Productive Tutoring Session

There is no such thing as a stupid question.  Go into your tutoring session prepared.

Try to think about what you are having difficulty with or are confused about before meeting with the tutor. (You can do this by making a note card for your appointment, or by marking areas of concern in the margin of your lecture notes.)

Have specific questions for your tutor about what you don’t understand. Try to narrow things down from, “I don’t understand anything” to “these are the specific concepts or operations I don’t understand".

Understand that the tutors are your peers and are not content “experts.”

Prior to your visit, try doing your homework, review your notes from lecture, and make a list of points of confusion to review with your tutor.

Bring your course materials such as textbooks, notes, assignment guidelines, syllabus, and study guides.  The tutors will not have these resources.


  • Supportive, focused and on-task assistance
  • Assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts, solving problems, and preparing for exams
  • Guidance on problems similar to homework