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Content Tutoring Workshops 

View a list of our topic specific workshops below. These workshops are designed and facilitated by Content Tutors who have been very successful in their math, chemistry, and/or physics courses. Links will be emailed to you the week of the workshop. If you do not receive a link please email us at

How to Learn for Math

Learn strategies to manage your Math class throughout the quarter. Strategies include: 

  • Time managing your course work
  • Skills on how to study for a Math class
  • Understanding the connection between your textbook, lecture notes, and exams

Physics Workshops

Interactive workshops revisiting essential math topics needed to succeed in the Physics series and/or your current course. Math topics include: 

  • The unit circle and sinusoidal functions and their derivatives needed for kinematics, oscillations and waves, strings and sounds, etc. 
  • Algebraic manipulations needed throughout physics 
  • Geometry and trigonometry and their inverses needed for topics such as Kinematics, Forces, and Optics.

Chemistry Workshops

Interactive workshops revisiting topics that are needed to succeed in the General Chemistry series and/or your current course. These workshops go over prior knowledge needed to understand:

  • Reaction stoichiometry 
  • Periodic trends
  • Quantum numbers and electron configurations
  • Lewis and Resonance structures
  • Bonding models and theories

COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Content Tutoring sessions will be remote. Please note that the Academic Achievement Hub is using Adobe Connect for its remote sessions.

Our programs support academic integrity for all students. For more information, view the Academic Integrity Office web page.

We are committed to providing access to students with disabilities.  To request assistance or an accommodation, please email or fill out the Google Form.