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COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Spring 2020 Learning Strategies sessions will be remote.

  • The Zoom link for the session can be found on the Learning Strategies Workshop Schedule page
  • Learning Strategists will send an email with a Zoom link for one-on-one appointments
  • Your Learning Strategist will be waiting for you in the designated Zoom meeting room at the session time. If your Learning Strategist is not in your room by the starting time, contact
  • Please contact or +1.888.799.9666 extension 2 if you’re experiencing technical difficulties

Our programs support academic integrity for all students. For more information, view the Academic Integrity Office web page.

Learning Strategies Educator and Staff FAQ

Professional staff are always available to answer educator and staff questions, receive feedback about students' Learning Strategist experience, or listen to ideas on how to improve the program. You can reach the Learning Strategist Program staff by sending an e-mail to


Who Are UC San Diego's Learning Strategists?

Learning strategists are UC San Diego undergraduate students who have undergone significant training with the founder of LearnWell Projects. They 

  • Are high achieving students
  • Train in collaborative learning and facilitation techniques
  • Train in developing learning goals and strategies to meet university expectations
  • Integrate course content and study strategies
  • Facilitate workshops that encourage communication, community and engaged learning

Who should attend Learning Strategies Workshops or schedule one-on-one appointments with a Learning Strategist?

All current undergraduate students are eligible to attend free drop-in Learning Strategies Workshops or schedule a one-on-one appointment to meet with a Learning Strategist. Students give the following reasons for working with Learning Strategists:

  • “I struggle with anxiety and limiting beliefs and often spend as much time trying to quell my anxiety as I do actually studying.”
  • “My current study methods only focus on short-term and basic understanding, but with my classes building on previous material that I have forgotten I am starting to not be able to keep up.”
  • “I am having trouble adapting to the quarter system.  I am not used to this pace and would like to get support to understand better lecture material, note-taking and get better study skills.”
  • “I’m having trouble managing my time and organizing myself.  It usually causes my priorities to be all over the place, which is causing me a lot of stress.

How can I inform my students about the Learning Strategist Program?

There a number of ways you can inform your students about the option of meeting with a Learning Strategist:

  • Provide a link on the course website to the AAH main webpage
  • Make an announcement about the Learning Strategist program during class
  • AAH can provide you with slides that highlight important Learning Strategist information
  • AAH can send a program representative to speak briefly to your class about the groups
    • Email to request a representative to speak to your class
  • Inform your TAs about the program and encourage them to make announcements in their discussion sections
  • Refer students to the program during your office hour appointments