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Schedule a Learning Strategist Appointment


The following are expectations for participants in the learning strategies one-on-one appointments:

  1. Be prepared. Bring your textbook, syllabus, and any pertinent materials related to your class. Any forms of research material are extremely helpful.
  2. Be on time. The appointments are normally one hour, except for follow-up meetings that may be 30 minutes in length. Our Learning Strategists need all of this time to get through the material and answer questions. 
  3. Be receptive. You will receive a variety of strategies, ideas for organizers, and study rubrics throughout these sessions. Keep these in your ‘metacognitive bank’ and ask your Learning Strategist questions.
  4. Be responsible. The appointments are open to all UC San Diego enrolled students and require you to schedule an appointment in advance.
  5. Have your UC San Diego ID available when you arrive at the appointment. You must enter your information to record your attendance. 

When you schedule an appointment, you acknowledge and agree to the expectations outlined above.