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COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Spring 2020 Learning Strategies sessions will be remote.

  • The Zoom link for the session can be found on the Learning Strategies Workshop Schedule page
  • Learning Strategists will send an email with a Zoom link for one-on-one appointments
  • Your Learning Strategist will be waiting for you in the designated Zoom meeting room at the session time. If your Learning Strategist is not in your room by the starting time, contact
  • Please contact or +1.888.799.9666 extension 2 if you’re experiencing technical difficulties

Our programs support academic integrity for all students. For more information, view the Academic Integrity Office web page.

Learning Strategies Workshops

 View a list of our learning strategies workshops below. To view a schedule of our upcoming workshops, go to Quarterly Schedule of Workshops.

Exam Preparation - Midterms

Learn academic strategies to prepare for midterms. The sessions will cover all types of exams (open response, multiple choice, problem-solving, etc.).  We will also discuss mindfulness and healthy habits that reduce stress around exams. 

Extracting Information

Use your lecture notes, homework assignments, and textbook readings to deepen your learning and for long-term academic goals. The session will provide time-conscious strategies for obtaining information relevant to lecture and exams.

Finals Preparation

Learn concrete strategies to promote final exam readiness and stress reduction. From study methods like learning how to effectively utilize content organizers to time management techniques, like the 8-step study plan. This workshop will provide the tools for you to succeed in your final exams with minimal stress!

How to Learn for Organic Chemistry

Learn the specific skills necessary to be successful in organic chemistry. Examples include:

  • visualizing concepts in 3-D
  • knowing which details to pay close attention to
  • breaking words apart by prefixes, roots, and suffixes to understand their meaning

This program is facilitated by learning strategists who have been very successful in organic chemistry at UC San Diego. They have experienced the same frustrations as many organic chemistry students and are excited about sharing the learning strategies they have identified as most important for the course. 

Note Taking

Use your lecture notes to deepen your learning and for long-term academic goals. The session will provide time-conscious strategies for obtaining information relevant to lecture and exams.

Post-Exam Debrief

In this workshop we will review both graded and non-graded course materials (midterms, homework, and suggested readings or problems) in order to dissect questions so you understand what is being asked of you. You will learn to take stock of what you know to determine how you can organize that knowledge into appropriate answers to improve your learning.

Time Management

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on assignments or studying until the very last minute? In this workshop we will discuss techniques such as the Time Matrix, Semester on a Page, The Ultimate Schedule, and how to make the most of to-do lists. This workshop is great for figuring out where all your time goes and how to budget your time so you still have time for fun.


The following are expectations for participants in the learning strategies workshops:

  1. Be prepared. Bring your textbook, syllabus, and any pertinent materials related to your class. Any forms of research material are extremely helpful.
  2. Be on time. The workshop sessions are normally one hour, except for the Organic Chemistry workshop which is 1.5 hours in length. Our Learning Strategists need all of this time to get through the material and answer questions. 
  3. Be receptive. You will receive a variety of strategies, ideas for organizers, and study rubrics throughout these sessions. Keep these in your ‘metacognitive bank’ and ask your Learning Strategist questions.
  4. Be responsible. The workshops are open to all UC San Diego enrolled students and do not require advanced registration - with the exception of the Organic Chemistry workshops.*
  5. Have your UC San Diego ID handy when you arrive at the to the workshop sessions. You must enter your information to record your attendance. 
*Registration for the Organic Chemistry workshops is limited. Once you register, you are reserving a place that no other student can take. Be considerate and do not register unless you know you will attend. If you later learn that you cannot attend, cancel your registration to open the spot to a waitlisted student.