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Tutoring for Math Topic Review

For new UC San Diego students reviewing for MPE


Drop-in Tutoring Hours (April 8 to June 5, 2021)*
Tuesday and Thursday: 8-10 pm PST
Saturday: 2-4 pm PST

*Calendar view below

link to join drop-in tutoring

Note: Please review session preparation and how to join the Zoom session below.


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Welcome to the Academic Achievement Hub (AAH) Content Tutoring program! The AAH tutors are available to help you review math topics recommended from the Math Diagnostic Assessment. 

While reviewing the recommended MDTP Learning Modules for your identified topics, please join the AAH drop-in, remote tutoring sessions to ask questions and receive focused help.

Preparing for Tutoring Session During Review of MDTP Modules

  • Prior to visiting the tutors, complete a recommended lesson from the MDTP Learning Modules first. 
    • Attempt the practice problems on your own, check your solutions, and make a list of the areas from the lessons that you would like to review with your tutor. 
  • Make a list of the problems that you are having difficulty with or are confused about as you review the modules by making a notecard prior to your session or by marking areas of concern in your notes.
  • Be prepared to ask specific questions to your tutor about what you don’t understand. 
    • Example questions to bring to the tutors: 
      • There is a specific practice problem from the module that I tried multiple times but my answer does not match the solution. Can we go through it together? 
      • I went through the module but can you provide further clarification on this concept? 
  • Bring any materials such as notes, study guides, and your work for the practice problems to use as a resource during the session. 

Zoom Sessions

Tutoring will be provided through Zoom. Go to this page for our guide on how to use Zoom


When you join the session:

  1. Let the Main Host (Front Desk Assistant) know that you would like math tutoring. 
  2. The Main Host will assign you to a Tutor as soon as an open spot is available. 
  3. Remember to click “Join Breakout Room” in order to meet with the Tutor.
  4. Have your UCSD PID and email ready to sign in for the session.

The tutor will work with you on your specific math questions and will guide the session with questions and explanations. Please note: To make the best use of the session, please bring specific questions or problems to the tutor. The tutors will not provide a general review (or reteaching) of an entire lesson.