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Vector Calculus Sessions

The Vector Calculus Review Sessions are a review of topics taught in UC San Diego's Vector Calculus course (Math 20E) that you (may) have learned at your previous institution. The session materials have been reviewed by a Math Department Graduate Student and a Faculty member. 

Please note that these sessions do not replace a Vector Calculus course and will not be teaching you the topics. If at any point in the sessions you discover a topic that you have not learned previously in your Vector Calculus course, you are encouraged to enroll in Math 20E at UC San Diego during the Fall quarter.


  • To support transfer students to review key topics in preparation for attempting the UC San Diego MATH 20E Fulfillment Exam

Program Details:

  • Dates: September 3rd - 17th
  • Sign-up Deadline: September 1st
  • Cost: No cost to participate
  • Format: Zoom
  • Content: Review core calculus topics, including topics and problems based on vector calculus
  • Time commitment: Three sessions per week for two weeks, totaling six 1.5 hour sessions, plus additional independent study


  • Incoming transfer students
  • Enrolled in a major that requires MATH 20E
  • Have taken a vector calculus course at community college
  • Planning to attempt the MATH 20E fulfillment exam to fulfill the MATH 20E requirement

Topics to be Reviewed:

  1. Double integral over a region and changing the order of integration, mean value inequality
  2. Triple integral
  3. Geometry of Maps from R2 to R2
  4. The change of variables theorem
  5. Vector field
  6. Path Integral, Line Integral
  7. Parametrized Surface and use integral to find the area of a surface
  8. Integrals of Scalar Functions Over Surfaces
  9. Surface Integrals of Vector Field
  10. Green's Theorem
  11. Stoke's Theorem
  12. Gauss's Theorem (Divergence Theorem)
  13. Conservative Fields

Please read: 

If you have not yet taken vector calculus, we do not recommend that you participate in these Topic Review Sessions or attempt the MATH 20E Fulfillment Exam. Instead, we highly encourage you to enroll in MATH 20E within your first year. 

If you have questions, please email


COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all SI sessions will be remote. Please note that the Academic Achievement Hub is using Zoom for its remote sessions.

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We are committed to providing access to students with disabilities.  To request assistance or accommodation, please email or fill out the Google Form.