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Content Readiness Workshops 

The purpose of these workshops is to strengthen your understanding of core math, chemistry, and physics topics, build a community with your peers, and allow you to be active and engage with the workshop materials. In addition, the topics are identified as fundamental prior knowledge you’ll need to be successful in your current and future math, chemistry, and physics courses at UC San Diego.  

The Commons Academic Achievement Hub has designed these sessions to be highly engaging and are facilitated by our experienced content tutors. From the drop-down menu by subject please find a selection of topics to support your success. You may select any one or multiple sessions to attend in each discipline based upon your strengths and needs. See the calendar below for the dates and times of these workshops. Please see the toolbar for platform details and below for workshop registration.

Why do students utilize Workshops?

  • “[The workshop] was a nice review and the problems helped me cement my understanding”
  • “Presenter really wanted us to learn which made me even more motivated to do well”
  • “[The workshop] helped [me] think about problems from a different angle and pace myself when doing problems”

Please see below for Workshop descriptions, how to register and a calendar of upcoming workshops days and times.

Workshop Descriptions

The Academic Achievement Hub offers workshops for the following subject areas:

How to Learn for Programming

Learn strategies to be efficient with your time and successful as you learn how to program in your courses.

Throughout this workshop, students will: 

  • Learn to take effective notes on coding concepts
  • Be able to develop your own examples based on code given in lectures
  • Learn techniques to properly organize and reference your lecture notes and comments in your code
  • Developing skills to troubleshoot errors in your code

How to Learn for Organic Chemistry

Learn strategies to be efficient with your time and successful in your Organic Chemistry series.

Throughout this workshop, students will:

  • Practice effective strategies to engage with organic chemistry concepts 
  • Recognize the multiple levels of complexity that are present in all material/assessments
  • Identify the foundational concepts needed for Organic Chemistry

Workshop Registration

  • Register for workshops up to 3 days in advance and 5 minutes before
  • Please note the date and time of the workshop when signing up
  • Links to access your workshop will be emailed to you with your sign-up confirmation
  • Workshops will be offered through Zoom and In-Person

To register for a workshop:

  1. Sign in to TutorTrac with your Single Sign-On username and password
  2. Student Options
    1. Click on “Search Availability”
  3. Search Criteria
    1. Center: “Content Tutoring”
    2. Section: “Your course”
    3. Reason: “Workshop”
    4. Location: "Online" or "Commons at Geisel Library" or "Center Hall Rm. 316"
    5. Click “Search”
  4. Select the session date and time of the workshop you would like to attend.

click here to register for a workshop

If you do not see the workshop on TutorTrac the session has been filled. We encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist. This will ensure that you are the first to know if a spot becomes available or if a second workshop has been scheduled. Please click here to add yourself to the workshop waitlist.

Please email if you do not receive a link.