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Chemistry, Math, and Physics Readiness Workshops 

The purpose of these workshops is to strengthen your understanding of core math, chemistry, and physics topics, build a community with your peers, and allow you to be active and engage with the workshop materials. In addition, the topics are identified as fundamental prior knowledge you’ll need to be successful in your current and future math, chemistry, and physics courses at UC San Diego.  

The Commons Academic Achievement Hub has designed these sessions to be highly engaging and are facilitated by our experienced content tutors. From the drop down menu by subject please find a selection of topics to support your success. You may select any one or multiple sessions to attend in each discipline based upon your strengths and needs. See the calendar below for the dates and times of these workshops. Please see the toolbar for workshop registration and platform details.

The Academic Achievement Hub offers workshops for the following subject areas:

“Making Sense of Math” Workshops

Learn strategies to be efficient with your time and successful in your Math course in a quarter system. Topics covered include:

  • Time management for your coursework
  • Skills for studying for your Math courses, specifically
  • Understanding the connection between your textbook, lecture notes and exams

Physics Workshops

Interactive workshops that review essential math topics and how they integrate in physics problem-solving to succeed in the Physics series and/or your current course.

The following are the list of workshops for Physics:

  • The Unit and Sinusoidal Functions: Review the unit circle, sinusoidal functions and their derivatives in relation to physics
  • Algebraic manipulations: Understand algebraic manipulations such as factoring and substituting along with graphing and solving of quadratic equations
  • Geometry and Trigonometry: Review the geometry of triangles and trigonometric functions and their identities

Chemistry Workshops

Interactive workshops that revisit topics needed to understand concepts for success in the General Chemistry series and/or your current course.

The following are thel ist of workshops for Chemistry:

  • Reaction Stoichiometry: Using Reaction Stoichiometry to determine the quantitative values produced or consumed in a reaction, as well as the limiting reactant and the amount of excess reagent left over.
  • Periodic Trends: Understanding periodic Trends and the behavior of Atoms and Electrons by constructing the Periodic Table.
  • Quantum Numbers and Electron Configurations: Determine the set of Quantum Numbers for any given electrons in an atom, identify an element from its last quantum number, and write the electron configurations of transition metals and their respective ions.
  • Bonding Models and Theories: Understand bonding models and theories in order to draw and identify orbital hybridization, molecular geometry, and molecular orbital diagrams
  • Lewis and Resonance Structures:Drawing Lewis and Resonance Structures to determine the most likely structures based on stability and formal charge

COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Content Tutoring sessions will be remote. Please note that the Academic Achievement Hub is using Adobe Connect for its remote sessions.

Our programs support academic integrity for all students. For more information, view the Academic Integrity Office web page.

We are committed to providing access to students with disabilities.  To request assistance or an accommodation, please email or fill out the Google Form.