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Learning Strategies Workshops

 View a list of our learning strategies workshops below. Utilize the Learning Strategies Canvas course (UC San Diego Single Sign-On login required) to access these sessions and/or materials. Please note that we also would like you to make a free appointment with our Learning Strategists to work with you on any one of these topic items. The sessions in the Canvas course are designed to give you some information, but the Learning Strategists will work with you to address your unique needs.

Please see below for workshop descriptions and registration links: 

Workshop Descriptions

Collaborative Learning Techniques

Learn new techniques to help you work with others in a positive and supportive way. Discover some campus opportunities you can take part in to help you be successful in your academics.

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Exam Preparation

Learn academic strategies to prepare for exams. The sessions will cover all types of exams (open response, multiple choice, problem-solving, etc.).  We will also discuss mindfulness and healthy habits that reduce stress around exams. 

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Note Making

Use your lecture notes to deepen your learning and for long-term academic goals. The session will provide time-conscious strategies for obtaining information relevant to lectures and exams.

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Time Management

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on assignments or studying until the very last minute? In this workshop, we will discuss techniques such as the Time Matrix, Semester on a Page, The Ultimate Schedule, and how to make the most of to-do lists. This workshop is great for figuring out where all your time goes and how to budget your time so you still have time for fun.

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Workshop Calendar

Locations for the workshop include in-person, Geisel 1st floor, Teaching + Learning Commons, or on Zoom. Please see the calendar below for the location or Zoom link. Please note that workshops are limited to UC San Diego undergraduates with a UC San Diego email address.