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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions offer students the opportunity to master course material within a community of learners. The SI program gives students an environment to engage with content, ask questions, and review lecture material with their peers. SI currently supports courses in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Math, Management Science, Physics, and Psychology. Learning with a group of peers is a powerful tool!

  • SI sessions are facilitated by peer leaders  (known as SI Leaders) who have successfully completed the course at UC San Diego. These leaders are trained in facilitating sessions that encourage students to work together to learn course material. 
  • SI sessions meet weekly for 50-80 minutes
  • SI sessions are typically offered in a hybrid model, with in person and virtual sessions being offered. 

In 2021-2022, the SI Program supported:

  • SS121 - 2,779 visits and 704 students
  • SS221 - 20,488 visits and 1,188 students (including Summer Bridge participants)
  • FA21 - 42,290 visits and 6,803 students
  • WI22 - 37,237 visits and 5,569 students
  • SP22 - 17,688 visits and 3,291 students

Program assessment over 5 years demonstrates that participation in Supplemental Instruction supports students in obtaining a half letter grade higher than peers not participating in the program.

This year, we will be offering in-person and virtual session options for select courses. Please review the SI Schedule for more information regarding your course.

Why do students utilize Supplemental Instruction?

  • “The SI program strengthened my grasp and understanding of basic knowledge, thus laying a good foundation for the knowledge I will learn later” - Phys 1B 
  • “Great for revision before the major quizzes, and definitely helped me gain confidence regarding my grasp on the material." - Physics 2A 
  • “I feel more confident in my abilities after attending SI. My SI leader was very kind and engaging in the sessions. I felt included and respected which encouraged me to attempt participating more and ask questions.” - Math 10B 
  • “After consistently attending SI sessions I had a better understanding of course materials, which helped me improve my grades on tests and quizzes.” - Math 20C 


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