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Content Tutoring

  • Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking the Content Tutoring Program for being available all throughout the past spring quarter. I appreciated the availability and commitment that the program and each of the tutors contributed during this strange and unprecedented time. I found it very helpful that this program had tutors who were not only knowledgable in understanding the content that I brought to them in the breakout rooms, but also that they were respectful, and did an absolute phenomenal job in explaining the concepts in such a way where I too was able to understand the material. – Math 20B, Chem 6C
  • I love the online drop-in service much more than attending it in person at the library. The online zoom component made it extremely easy to drop in and ask a quick question. The tutoring department helped me learn and understand my math topics and I believe they are the reason for helping me do so well on my past midterm. The first midterm I didn't do that well and I told myself I needed to attend the sessions for help. I did much better on the second midterm. – Math 10B
  • Once you go to a tutor regularly, they treat you as if you weren't a number and an actual person. They'll take the time to remember what struggles you have in certain topics and will make sure you leave the place knowing something. - Math 18
  • The tutors tried to help us understand the concepts behind problems instead of just telling us how to do the problems. - Math 4C
  • The tutors made it extremely easy to understand the concept. They also taught tips and tricks that I never knew about before tutoring. It is also a fun experience. – Math 10B
  • I was really confused on what my math class was learning, and the textbook wasn't helping. I asked the tutor to please explain to me a certain concept we were covering, and the way they explained it made the topic make so much more sense! They were able to help me connect the pieces I was not previously able to do so. – Math 20C
  • This is an amazing service! There are so many knowledgeable and helpful tutors who have seriously been life savers. – Chem 6C, Phys 1A
  • It was convenient and helped me do better in my courses. -Math 20C
  • The tutors were very willing to help and try to explain the material in a different way if I did not understand. – Chem 40A
  • It was quick, the material was explained thoroughly and also they were able to answer all of my concerns.- Math 20A

Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Study Groups

  • It is a great way to learn from other students who have taken the course or are able to explain it in a way that is a lot easier for students to comprehend. -- Psychology Major, ERC
  • I love the opportunity SI gives me to gain a better understanding of the material. The instructor is awesome at giving us more practice. I really appreciate the program. -- Linguistics Major, Revelle College
  • Being an SI Leader and SI mentor to two SI Leaders taught me how to become a role model, with a good work ethic and high standard of integrity. -- SI Leader & Mentor
  • Study Group helped me learn how to study better. We would put everything that we learned within the week on the board and it gave me a visual idea of what I knew/didn't know. Also by going to this extra academic setting it pushed me to want to do more like extra credit or study more. - Physics 1A, Summer Session UCR Student
  • The leader went at a great pace for me to fully understand the concept and created an environment where students can feel open to stopping them for further clarification. I did not expect the session to be as helpful as it did and I am very grateful and impressed with how much it helped me. - Pharmacological Chemistry, Marshall College
  • Just helps review the key concepts and practice problems that might appear on the exam. I think it's very helpful also to make sure we review the material on a regular basis, not just before the exam. - Joint Major Mathematics & Econ, Eleanor Roosevelt College
  • I didn’t do so well on my first midterm for the course but when I started going to SI sessions it really showed how well or not I actually understood the content and being able to work with other students alongside the leader was extremely helpful in terms of understanding the content and preparing for the next test. - Literature/Writing, Warren College

COVID-19 Student Information

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, all Academic Achievement Hub staff will be working remotely.

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