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Content Tutoring

  • "Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking the Content Tutoring Program for being available all throughout the past spring quarter. I appreciated the availability and commitment that the program and each of the tutors contributed during this strange and unprecedented time. I found it very helpful that this program had tutors who were not only knowledgable in understanding the content that I brought to them in the breakout rooms, but also that they were respectful, and did an absolute phenomenal job in explaining the concepts in such a way where I too was able to understand the material." – Math 20B, Chem 6C
  • "Once you go to a tutor regularly, they treat you as if you weren't a number and an actual person. They'll take the time to remember what struggles you have in certain topics and will make sure you leave the place knowing something." - Math 18
  • "The tutors tried to help us understand the concepts behind problems instead of just telling us how to do the problems." - Math 4C
  • "This is an amazing service! There are so many knowledgeable and helpful tutors who have seriously been life savers." – Chem 6C, Phys 1A
  • "It was convenient and helped me do better in my courses." - Math 20C
  • "The tutors were very willing to help and try to explain the material in a different way if I did not understand." – Chem 40A
  • "It was quick, the material was explained thoroughly and also they were able to answer all of my concerns." - Math 20A
  • "I found the flexible hours, large amount of tutors, and the overall assistance extremely helpful with finishing my assignments and understanding the material." - Physics 2A

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

  • “[The SI Leader] was fantastic. Very personable guy, knew me by name by the end, and always kept the session lighthearted and fun in the heat of the pressure of learning high mathematics. He gave us time to figure out problems on our own but [there] was no pressure because he would always walk us through in the end. [The leader] himself is very kind and told me about his background in his aerospace engineering major … and how the math we were studying applied to these bigger picture concepts … while the class was very intense, I really did look forward to the study groups each week!” – Math 20E
  • "It is a great way to learn from other students who have taken the course or are able to explain it in a way that is a lot easier for students to comprehend." - Psychology Major, ERC
  • “Attending regular sessions with my SI leader helped me do well on quizzes by allowing guided practice and group work. I have never used SI before, but I felt inclined to go to almost every session during summer session 2, because SI actually helped a lot with a subject I usually find very difficult. [The Leader] was well-organized, courteous, knowledgeable, and understanding of students' needs, which I believe made the sessions run smoothly.” – Math 10C
  • "Being an SI Leader and SI mentor to two SI Leaders taught me how to become a role model, with a good work ethic and high standard of integrity." - SI Leader & Mentor
  • "Study Group helped me learn how to study better. We would put everything that we learned within the week on the board and it gave me a visual idea of what I knew/didn't know. Also by going to this extra academic setting it pushed me to want to do more like extra credit or study more." - Physics 1A, Summer Session UCR Student
  • “The SI sessions helped me understand concepts that I didn’t fully comprehend during lecture.” Chem 6A
  • “My SI leader asks us for our thoughts on a certain concept or topic often so she would know what we're struggling with and focus more or spend more time on it. I find that really helpful as it caters to the students' needs and helps them with the things that they're having trouble with.” – Math 10B
  • “SI session gives me good practice in interpreting problems & making sure I understand the past week's material.” – Math 11